Swayam Portal Course List

Swayam Courses List 2018 | All Available Courses at Swayam Portal

Swayam Portal Courses List | List of All Courses at Swayam Portal | Swayam Course List 2018

Swayam is a Human Resource Development Ministry Program and it’s full form is – Study Webs of Active-Learning for Youth Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM). Currently Swayam Portal offers hundreds of courses. These courses are available for school level, college and University Level. This article is dedicated to providing you with the complete list of all available courses at SWAYAM Portal.

Swayam Portal was inaugurated by President Pranab Mukherjee.  It Offers Digital Study platform to all the interested candidates. Interested candidates can choose the learning path of their choice and study the course they are interested in.

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SWAYAM Course List 

There are hundreds of courses at the Swayam Portal. Which course is suitable for you, depends on the learning path you choose. Learning paths at the Swayam Portal are –

  1. School
  2. Certificate
  3. Diploma
  4. Under Graduate 
  5. Post Graduate

Courses at the portal have been designed according to these 5 Learning Paths. We have categorized the Swayam Courses in these following categories –

Swayam Portal All Courses List 2018

Swayam School Courses These are School level courses. Anyone who is 14+ of age can study these courses online. These are Secondary School courses. All Interested and eligible students can enrol for the course of their choice and start learning

Swayam Certificate Courses One can also undertake Certificate courses at the Swayam portal. Candidate need to pay a nominal fee for the course. After the course completion, student will be awarded with the Certificate.

Swayam Diploma Courses  Holder of Secondary School Completion Certificate can study Diploma Courses at the Swayam Portal to enhance the skills. Successfully Completing the diploma course will lead to direct entry to the Second year of Engineering Degree Program. You can choose from the available Diploma courses at Swayam.

Swayam Under Graduate Courses The selection of Undergraduate course depends on the stream chosen by the Individual at the Senior Secondary Level. Swayam Portal has courses for all stream types. Just select the Under graduate course you are interested in and get started asap.

Swayam Post Graduate Courses Graduation Degree holders usually take admission at Regular University or Open University (Correspondence Study) to seek post graduation Degree. No Matter, which type of university you are in, Swayam will offer courses based on the Eligible of the candidate. Once the Learner completes courses at the Swayam Portal, the concerned university will award Post Grduate Degree to the Student.

We have combined all Swayam Courses according to the Learning Path. Click on the Below given links to get the list of courses within that particular Learning Path.

Note – If you have queries, doubts, you can always contact the Swayam Customer Care

Swayam School Courses
Swayam Diploma Courses
Swayam Certificate Courses
Swayam Undergraduate Courses
Swayam Post Graduate Courses

Once you have selected the course you want to study, Next Step is – Swayam Course Enrollment 

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