Swayam Course Registration 2018| Register Online for Free Course at Swayam Portal @ swayam.gov.in

How to Register for Course at Swayam Portal | Online Free Course Registration at Swayam Portal | Swayam Course Registration 2018 | swayam.gov.in Registration

Swayam Portal is an excellent tool for learners. Especially for those who for some reason are unable to continue studying regular courses. As we all are aware, at Swayam Portal Users can study free courses online. There are numerous courses available, and to study any course, an interested individual must complete Course Registration at Swayam Portal. In this article, we are sharing the step by step Guide to Swayam Course Registration.

Swayam Course Registration 2018

Before proceeding to Register for a Course on swayam, it is mandatory that user is registered at the portal.

If you haven’t registered at Swayam Website, you Should Read THIS ARTICLE

Note – Before Enrolling in a course, Make sure that you have Filled all the details in the Profile Section.

So, if you already have an account at Swayam Portal and you are looking to register a course that you are interested in, Just Follow below given Steps.

Before Registering for a course at Swayam Portal, Kindly make sure –

  • You have performed the sign-up process at the Portal
  • You are Logged in into Swayam
  • You have some idea related to the course that you want to study. 

All the courses at the Swayam Portal are Prepared and being taught by Faculty of Top Institutions. So, the quality of teaching and study material is going to be top notch. All interested ones should understand that if the government is doing efforts to provide high-quality education solutions without charging anything, they also should give their 100% effort and complete courses with flying colours. Let’s Get Started and Find out how to complete Swayam Course Registration Online.

Swayam Free Online Course Registration 2018 @ swayam.gov.in

  • First of All, you need to Login into your Swayam Account
  • Once you are Logged in, Click on the “All Courses” Link
  • You will See something like this :

Swayam Courses Online Registration

  • There are numerous courses available. Filter by Category, Language or Learning path to Find the Suitable Course
  • Once you have decided, which course you are going to attend, Click on the link “Learn More”
  • After this you will be taken to that specific course and complete information regarding that particular course can be seen

  • Click on “Enroll Now” to enrol for that particular course
  • If your enrollment is done successfully, you will get the confirmation on the screen like this :

  • That’s it, You have Successfully Enrolled for a course on the Swayam Portal

You can check the schedule and other details related to this course in your account. You will get regular assignments related to your Course. Successfully completing the course will provide you credits. We hope this article has helped you to Complete the Course Registration at Swayam Portal. Feel Free to leave comments below.

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