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Swayam Registration | Swayam Portal Registration 2018 | Swayam Portal – How to Register at Swayam Portal

What if someone says that You can complete courses online and that too without paying any penny? Naturally, your first reaction will be that it is a lie and it can’t be true. However, we must tell you that this is happening right here in India. The Ministry of Human Resource Development along with All India Council of Technical Education has launched a portal named as “Swayam Portal”.

SWAYAM Full Form?

SWAYAM stands for Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds

This portal has been developed to provide free courses & training to interested individuals.

Swayam Portal  Registration 2018

Before taking any benefit from this portal. It is important to complete the registration process. There are two types of registrations –

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Why is Registration at Swayam Portal Important?

Just like any other website, be it Facebook, Twitter or any other, registration is the first process. The registration process is important because, in this way, user information gets permanently saved at the backend and all the related works can be tracked or checked using the registration.

Registration at Swayam Portal is nothing different. First of All Interested users have to get registered, which will enable him/her to Login to the portal. After the successful registration, other features within the website can be accessed by the registered user.

Who is Eligible for Registration at Swayam Portal – Eligibility Criteria

Any interested individual who wants to learn is eligible. The only requirement is Email ID, Working Mobile Number and Aadhaar Card Number.

Note – You can get various courses starting from Class 9 Level to Post Graduate Level at the Swayam Portal.

Once the user registers, he will have to register for a course. Online lessons will be taken and attendance will be marked. After successful completion, of course, the government will offer Certificate. Swayam Course can be considered as Distance Learning.

Another interesting thing related to Swayam portal is that, if somebody is doing regular course along with Swayam Online course, he/she will be given extra credit score.


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